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Very Important - Effective July 23rd, Spot Mobile Spot Mobile Ceased Business operations. All Customers should port out there numbers immediately. At this moment we have no immediate suggestions, Simple Mobile is the closest option.  As far as we know at this time, Phones will not be shut off, unless the service is over. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RENEW Spot Mobile service.


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Check out our new automated Payment hotline, payments posted instantly (with the exception of Selectel) 24hrs a day, 7 days aweek. 704-207-4000. Check it out, its pretty cool for a doityourselfer!


FREE ACTIVATION on any of the providers we represent- That means, if you have a Verizon 3g phone, Sprint (anything but iPhone), Any Tmobile or ATT. I will activate it for FREE, All your paying is for your first months service, this includes ports! So bring your phone number and try one of our new companies!

We can now reactivate All 4 of the Major Carriers, Verizon (3g post paid phones) ATT and TMobile (Any phone) and Sprint (No Iphones and 4g LTE phones will only get 3g service). Just let us know what your working with and we can walk you through a remote, activation with


For your Free $12 off or $5 off your first months service, Please email with the title "Free $12 off or $5 off"




Welcome to Do it yourself....Wireless


We Specialize in Re-activating your used phones


 If you want it done


Activate your own  post paid phone to make it prepaid 


No Credit Check........It's a prepaid plan
No Contracts.............Use it as long as you want
No Deposits............. Keep your Money

No Approvals........... You decide
No Activation Fee.... You're doing it yourself

No Late fee's, or reconnection fee's

Taxes & Fee's ...... Included adds more resellers

In addition to Page Plus Cellular and Selectel Wireless, We have added Spot Mobile and Simple Mobile, They are powered by the TMobile Network . With Red Pocket and AirVoice Powered by the ATT Network. Expo Mobile is our New Sprint Reseller

Doityourselfwireless has a new android mobile bill pay app. Free download to your android smart phone, and pay your bill on the go. Its Fast, Accurate and Secure, try it once and you will use if forever!    Or just search Doityourselfwireless in google play.







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